Many Thanks

Today is the day! Happy Thanksgiving! This is the day where we all gather round with our family, friends and loved ones to give thanks. We celebrate our relationships, we welcome the holiday season, and we eat a crap load of food. To ensure that a full tummy isn’t the only thing I’m walking away with this Thanksgiving, I decided to write out some of my thoughts (and thanks) that cannot go unmentioned.

This year has already flown quickly by; just yesterday was New Years, my birthday, Halloween…as I get older the years seem to just pass me in the blink of an eye. It’s hard to find a moment to consider stopping and appreciating all that is around me. I’m sure many could agree, it’s just not on our everyday checklist.

  • Go to work
  • Stop at Target, buy groceries
  • Cook dinner
  • Watch tv
  • Take a shower
  • Be appreciative and breathe?

If that’s on your checklist, psh…lucky! But it isn’t on mine. And I think that’s quite alright. At least I can recognize that I don’t give enough thanks, and Thanksgiving is a great day to reflect on all that I am blessed with.

This year, I’d like to give thanks to my family. They truly are the ones who deserve thanks more than anyone else in my life. They put up with so much of my daily crap that I don’t know how I’d go on without them. Thank you, all of you, for being so gracious to me this last year. Thank you to Joe for being (literally!) the most amazing man I have ever met. You show me everyday what it’s like to trust people and get nothing but great things in return. You’ve got my back and I know I can count on you every single day to provide me with anything and everything I could ask for. Thanks to my Mom, who is one of the strongest people I know. There’s been quite a few times this year when I’ve really needed someone in my corner to help me out and you are always there. Even when I imagine it’s my last second on earth, the one person I want to call for comfort is you. And thanks to my sister; you’ve been such a big provider of happiness and laughter to me this past year that I couldn’t have gone on without. You are the only person in the world I feel I have shared nearly every experience and emotion with and for that I am thankful. It’s so great knowing I have someone who understands what it’s like to walk in my shoes. And even when you don’t understand, you try, really try, to understand. So thank you.

I would also like to give thanks to my best friend, Christina. You have been through so much this year. You have shown me what strength looks like even in the eyes of absolute fear. You have emerged the greatest conqueror from such trials. You are successful, bright, caring, and humble. You give me so much to look forward to in life knowing I’ve got you to do all my crazy shenanigans with. Love you! Thank you for being such a good friend to me. 

And lastly, thank you to my work family. I know it’s rare that on Thanksgiving people would thank the people who drive them crazy the most, but you guys are absolute gems and I am so lucky to have you all. We experience some of the craziest stuff together and I know you’ve always got my back. I am thankful to have people by my side who were once strangers and are now good friends. Thank you for putting up with my shit day in and day out. It means a lot to me to know that you guys won’t give up on me even when I want to give up on myself.

That being said, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Please enjoy this time with family, friends, and food and never forget to take a minute to be thankful for all you have. Cheers!

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