Tuesday Yousday

If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you’ve probably seen the words Tuesday Yousday once or twice. A lot of people have asked me “what’s Tuesday Yousday?” at which point I have to explain everything it can encompass. It’s literally my favorite day ever, and I’m about to explain why…

My life can be a little chaotic. I know…relatable, right? You have probably also found yourself searching for ways to calm to storms of your hectic schedule. When I was searching for my solution, my busy work schedule was also accompanied by my husbands busy work schedule, which (you guessed it) is the complete opposite of mine. Our typical work days will consist of Joe and I passing each other at the front door, one of us coming home from work, and the other leaving. It became nearly impossible to spend any quality time together without one of us (aka Joe) sacrificing sleep entirely to get a few short lived hours with the one we love. Our honeymoon stage was more like the roommate stage; we both paid rent, ate the groceries, and shared the restroom and the bed. We just never did any of those things at the same time. It was exhausting and miserable, and my depression and anxiety would often go through the roof simply from lack of attention and time spent with him. It was so hard never getting to see the man I loved. We needed to find some time we could spend together, just the two of us, putting each other first. We knew something had to change or we were putting our relationship in jeopardy. And thus, Tuesday Yousday was born.

Tuesday Yousday is the expression used when Joe and I both take off a Tuesday together and do anything and everything we could possibly want, just he and I. We made it a priority to ensure this time would be spent without anyone else…which is hard to do considering its so much fun to do Tuesday Yousday stuff with friends and family, too! I’ll be honest, we do sometimes have people accompany us on our adventures because we want to share them with others. However, we usually spend these days alone. On any given Tuesday Yousday, Joe and I will plan out our evening around 3pm. We typically will get ready and be out of the house no later than 8pm, sometimes sooner. On most of these dates, we will stay out past 3am (because we are night owls and it’s only natural) so we tend to go to a lot of places that are open late or 24/7. Below is a list of things we have done on more than one Tuesday Yousday, including the cost from $-$$$$ in case you are also in need of a Tuesday Yousday solution:

  • Go to Canter’s Deli off Fairfax in Los Angeles to eat some delicious food and watch for celebrities (this is a very popular late night stomping ground to celebs leaving nearby studios, including Paramount Pictures, which is just a block up the street) Cost: only for what you order, roughly $-$$, but the celeb watching is free
  • Spend some quiet time on the sand near Santa Monica Pier. Cost: free
  • Disneyland and California Adventure (we’re passholders) Cost: $$$$
  • Have a pizza delivered and hold Smash Bros or Mortal Kombat tournaments til the wee hours of the morning. Cost: $-$$ depending on where your pizza comes from, but Tuesdays are still “early weekday specials” in our area and we can get a large pie for no more than $10
  • Go to a small, secret cove we have found in Laguna Beach. Can work for day or night Tuesday Yousday’s. Any beach would work! Cost: free
  • Visit the Urban Lights exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, open 24/7. Cost: free if you park on the residential streets
  • See a newly released movie. If you’re an AMC stubs card member ($8 annually) Tuesday is their members day and all movies, even IMAX, is offered at half price. Cost: between $-$$ including $8 annual fee
  • And, of course, the go-to relationship activity…*ahem*… Cost: free—or get out…NOW

As you can see, there a lot of activities our Tuesdays can include. Sometimes we do one of these things and sometimes we do many of them all in one night. Since tonight is a rainy Tuesday, our evening began with PJ’s on the sofa and a pizza from Domino’s. We watched some Top Gear while we ate and then I suddenly got a funny idea; I recently received some pretty hefty coupons from Macy’s and I thought to myself “What can I buy with these coupons?”. Knowing I would want it to be a worthwhile purchase, I instantly realized I wanted a memory foam mattress topper for the bed and DUH Macy’s sells bedding. I jumped online, found one at an incredible price that was on sale TODAY ONLY. By the time I had realized this, it was 7:55pm and Macy’s closed at 9. The only location with one in stock, at that price and in king size, was in Brea, approximately 15 miles away. I hurriedly explained my idea to Joe (including the price with discounts, or I knew I’d lose him) and he said “hurry up and get dressed! Let’s get it!”. I raced to put my clothes on and we flew out the door. We got to Macy’s at 8:49pm, made our purchase and was back in the car by 8:57pm. Mission: accomplished. Within one hour, we had saved over 72.5% on a big box item. To celebrate, we stopped and got hot chocolate. When we got home, we instantly threw off the bed sheets and put the new memory foam topper on, remade the bed, and now here we sit…me writing my blog and him playing a video game on his tablet. Life is sweet.

Since we started Tuesday Yousday, my anxiety levels have lessened and our communication remains much more open. We find it subsides the resentment and sadness that can come with missing someone that much. I feel 100x better knowing that we have a designated day for just the two of us. If you find yourself in a similar position, I commend you; the work ethic and dedication it takes to sacrifice that much of a personal life for success and the prosperity of your family shouldn’t go unnoticed. But never forget the level of importance you must place on quality time spent with your significant other to maintain a healthy relationship. At the end of the day, if you’re working more and loving less, you’ll lose the one thing you worked so hard for in the first place. So take those days off, Tuesday or not, and spend time together. Time is the one thing we can never get back.

Hey you! Yeah, you…got any Tuesday Yousday ideas for Joe and I? Leave them below and we will work hard at trying them out! Also, please leave a comment if you’ve experienced a similar problem. And if you haven’t solved it yet, I hope this post can help :)

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