Sweet Child of Mine

I’ve always known I wanted children. And I definitely know I will be having a baby sometime sooner than later. When the idea of having a child crosses my mind, not only am I excited and hopeful for the future, I’m also filled with fear and doubt; and I’m sure in the parenting community, I wouldn’t be considered alone in those feelings. I think it’s natural for anyone to have a little apprehension about bringing a living, breathing, speaking member of society into this world. As much as I think about these things at this time in my life, I was failing to recognize one very important fact: I’m already a mom.

My child is incredible. He is super smart. He’s bright, funny, kind, and exceptionally affectionate (when he wants to be). But my child is not human. He walks on four legs, has a tiny body covered in fur, and goes by the name of Rowdy. He’s my pup and he’s truly one of my own. If I could imagine what it must be like to be a mother, I imagine it would be similar to the relationship (and duties) I have with Rowdy. That might sound dumb to some people. Like really?…your dog? Um, yeah. My dog. I love him, he’s mine, and he relies on Joe and I, like parents, to care for him in every facet. If you ask me, we make an adorable family and a pretty kickass team. 

 Recently, Rowdy gave Joe and I quite the scare when he seemed to be experiencing some sort of problem. It was so strange; we left to go out one night and by the time I got back, everything had changed. When I first came home, he was hiding under the bed and would not come out. I called for him many times to try and coax him and he wouldn’t budge. He was also whimpering quietly which worried me. When he finally did come out, his back was arched upwards and he walked gingerly. He wouldn’t pick up his front feet to allow me to lift him into my lap as he usually would. When I picked him up, he instantly became uncomfortable, jumped from my lap, and went straight back under the bed. Later on in the evening, he came out once again and I tried to get him to go potty outside. He wouldn’t walk down the stairs and once he reached the grass, he sat on it refusing to move. When he walked a few steps, it was almost as though he was drunk; his back legs wiggled underneath him, causing him to tumble. I was incredibly scared and called Joe to come home as soon as possible. Joe tried to help him in anyway he could as well. We googled every symptom he was experiencing and nothing seemed to give us much answers or much hope. We were scared we would have to rush him to a Dr which likely would cost an arm and a leg. We decided the best thing to do was watch him very closely and ensure he didn’t do much besides sleep.

The following day when I was getting ready for work, Rowdy was pretty motionless. He lied there and just looked around at us. I felt so awful knowing there was little I could do to help him. Joe text me periodically throughout the day letting me know how he was doing. Then he told me they were going to take a nap. When I got home later that evening, I walked quietly into the bedroom to not excite Rowdy too much. I lifted the blankets and saw him sleeping there. He opened his eyes and looked at me and then stood up, walked out from under the blankets, and let me pet him. He shook his whole body, head to toe, and then jumped off the bed, onto the floor 3 1/2 feet below, and began prancing and trotting around the house. I was happy and scared at the same time! I woke Joe up and showed him how rowdy was acting. Neither of us could figure out what was going on. Sure enough, since then, he’s been perfectly fine. We have no idea what caused him so much discomfort and to behave so strangely. Thank God he’s okay!

Being so scared for Rowdys health and overall well being really put my role as his “mom” into perspective. He relies on Joe and I to care and look out for him. We both love him so much that we’re not too sure what we would do if anything ever happened to him. Joe and I have to work together, like parents, to care for Rowdy on a regular basis. And someday, when I finally give birth to our first human baby, I want Rowdy to be in our child’s life as he has been in ours. We hope that we are doing a good enough job as his owners to ensure he lives a long, healthy, and happy life. As parents, that’s all you can ever hope for…

Got a fur baby yourself? Please share a story below about a time when your pet relied on you as a parent.

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  1. I’m so glad Rowdy is feeling better. Honestly, being a parent to a dog has so many responsibilities and it’s not for everyone. They definitely are our children and we love them so much. Going through Annie’s current situation is trying also but at the end of the day, we would do anything for our fur babies!

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