Riding The Curve

Oh, you thought this was going to be about surfing, didn’t you?? Well, darling…I hate to disappoint, but this isn’t about shredding some gnar waves on a waxed up board in the deep blue. You should keep reading, wahine. You might like what’s on the horizon.

Looking back on my life, I can’t recall a single time that I’ve ever been skinny and healthy. Yes, I was skinny once, but I sure wasn’t healthy. Even in the photos of me back then, I looked a little sick. Not cute. I’ve always carried a little extra in my mid-section, thighs, and ass; it’s just the way I’m designed. And fighting that fact never did me any favors. I struggled with it a lot when I was younger, especially in terms of dealing with the bullying at school and having such a hard time finding proper fitting jeans. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really grown into myself and my body, overall. I’ve taken the time (and gone through the weight fluctuations) to learn to love my body, regardless of my size. And trust me, I get hit on way more now than I did when I was at my smallest (shown below). 

 Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to find cute clothes that actually fit the “plus size girls” of the world. I’ve learned where to shop, where not to shop, and how to find the best fitting garments for my body type. Sadly, some retailers still don’t cater to the curvier girl, or they claim to and the clothing never quite fits. Some of my favorite stores to shop for clothing are Target, Torrid, and Forever 21+. Surprisingly, I can still get some items from Pink by Victoria’s Secret and Charlotte Russe. To learn more about where the curvy girl can shop, please visit The Curvy Diaries.

When I really started to realize how many men find the curvier female body more attractive than that of her counterpart, I was astonished. Men love curves! I say men because I think as they get older, guys become more aware of who’d they want for a wife rather than who looks good in a Carl’s Jr ad. They’re finally beginning to be a little more comfortable with themselves to say that the thicker woman is the ticket. Science also plays a small role in this shift of genetic attraction, for we humans tend to subconsciously search for someone to create life with. The wide set hips of a woman show that she is more capable of bearing children. Same happens to women: you’ll be more attracted to the man with strong arms than the one with nice eyes because strong arms mean he can hunt and gather, providing for a family. We were cave men and women once, let us not forget. It’s nature; it’s preprogrammed in our brains. Don’t try to fight it because it’s incredible. Ladies, the man who likes the curves of a female aren’t easy to pin, so don’t assume their type before you really get to know him and what he likes. I know from experience that it’s hard to find that self confidence, especially when all you ever see on the commercials are skinny models in tiny bikinis. As Cher would say in Clueless..Ugh! As if! Fear not, curvy babes. A man/woman will come along someday and sweep you off your feet, weighing WHATEVER you weigh, because they love you! Find the confidence within yourself to allow someone to feel that way for you. If you’re looking for a little bit of company and body posi, check out Eff Your Beauty Standards, a company created by supermodel (and size 22) Tess Holliday. They’re an amazing brand and I love their message! 

At my table, there are no diets or counting calories. Food is intended to be shared and savored, not counted or limited. The world is vast with flavors to tantalize every taste bud, and I have zero intentions in my life to ever let my physical appearance stop me from diving into those experiences head first. As a society, we are categorized constantly from healthy to morbidly obese. If you ask me, size shouldn’t matter so long as you’re in good health and don’t have any issues. Food is at the roots of our existence. What do you do when you go out? Get food. What is a major component of the holidays? Family gathered around for a meal. When you go on a date, where does it usually lead? No, not the bedroom, cochina! To a fine restaurant for dinner where you can talk. You know, talking? That thing people do to get to know one another??…aye, forget it. But imagine everything I would have missed out on if I was busy counting the calorie content of what I ate, or worrying I would gain a few pounds over Christmas break. We shouldn’t treat ourselves with such judgements. We should simply just treat ourselves.

Overall, what I’m saying is enjoy your life at any size and stop limiting yourself because of it. Dress to impress, find a man or woman who loves you in your entirety, and eat good food! Life is too short to not love what you’re wearing, order the dessert after dinner, and have hot sex with your amazing someone who loves to ride the curve. Surfs up!

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