Owls & Beds

In my world, there are no curfews, no restrictions, and no rules to abide by. It’s a nice change from when I was younger and living at home under my moms rules; as a kid it was “get back in bed! You should be asleep by now!” As a teen it was “be home by 2:30am, no later!” While the rules seemed unnecessary, I totally knew why they were in place. And I respected her rules…well, every once in a while. Sorry, Mom. But those days are gone and now the only person yelling at me for getting home late or not being in bed is myself.

I find it so hard to get home or to sleep at a decent hour. I’m a natural born night owl. And to be honest, I blame my Dad. His whole life, he spent his nights out and about until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes he would come home as I was getting ready for school. When he came home that late (err, early?) he’d come into my room and wake me up with the sleepy bones song and turn on Woody the Woodpecker cartoons. We would watch them together until Mom had to drop me off at kindergarten on her way to work. Once we left, my dad would go to bed. Now, as a young adult, I’ve adapted those same behaviors myself. It’s always the same routine…wake up just before lunch, work until after dinner, and go to bed just before everyone else is about to eat breakfast. You’d think that if I had to wake up early the next day I would go to bed sooner but NO. I just get less sleep and feel more miserable in the morning. Thanks, Dad. *eye roll* 

Let me just say, I love my bed. It’s my happy place. Nothing else in the world can give me the same comfort and happiness that my bed can. It’s safe in my bed. I go there to relax and disengage from the rest of the world. Doesn’t everyone feel that way about being in bed?! It’s like a drug, I can never get enough and I don’t feel uncomfortable in the slightest saying I’m addicted to it. It’s a good addiction to have if you ask me. It’s a wonder I don’t sleep more (in my comfy ass bed) with as much as I love being there!

No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep.

After all these years, I think I’ve become a bit of a professional in the late night department. I know what businesses are open late (especially when it comes to food) and where I can go 24/7 for anything I need. Every blog I write, I write in the middle of the night. My brain is more active and I have more capacity to sit down and get to my thoughts without distraction. Grocery stores are less crowded in the middle of the night which makes for a simple, more relaxed shopping experience. And the streets are less crowded too, so I don’t have to deal with traffic getting there. Of course there’s the downside to being a night owl, such as its harder to get chores done when you’ll wake the neighbors with your vacuum humming. Well shit…now you know why I’m a night owl…yep, that’s it, I’m avoiding chores. You caught me 😂

I enjoy being a night owl regardless of the perks or disadvantages. It’s safe to say when I become a mom, I might be the one keeping the baby up at night instead of vice versa. At least being up late and often lacking sleep is good practice! I don’t see my sleep schedule changing anytime soon and that’s fine by me. It’s kind of fun being the only one you know awake at such an hour. Regardless of time, at the end of every day, we all wind up exactly where we started…in bed. Goodnight!

Cheers to all the night owls of the world! And if you ever need a late night buddy, call on me. I’m your girl!

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