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I recently got the urge for a little bit of change in my everyday life and wanted to mix things up a bit. This happens for me every so often; I feel the need to make something different and then seek out the solution until I feel I’ve accomplished my goal. This time, rather than a tattoo or additional piercing like I’ve done in the past, I decided to cut my hair. Usually that’s not the most drastic change in the world, but for me it was a pretty big move. I cut off nearly 10 inches! After taking some time getting used to the new length, working with some awesome products, and falling into some favorite routines for styling, I am finally ready to share all the details about my new ‘do…

 Knowing the type of hair cut I wanted to get wasn’t just your run of the mill lop and chop, I definitely knew I needed to find the perfect person to cut it. It had to be someone with a lot of experience in cutting who was familiar with doing this style previously and would be willing to take the time to work with me on best practices for styling and how to care for my hair. My friend Erin, who I went to high school with, is a hair stylist out of Fullerton, Ca. When I reached out to her and explained what I was looking to do, she was more than excited to help me out. I made the appointment and showed up to the swanky salon in DTF very ready to walk away with a lot less hair. This is what I walked in with…long, lopsided, dry and discolored ends that needed some serious TLC.  After a short discussion of the hair journey I was about to embark on, she got my hair washed (scalp massage was amazing) and started chopping away. She styled my hair just as I would soon be doing it everyday, explaining the technique and products she was using and what their purpose was. When she finished, I felt like a new head had been placed upon my shoulders. It felt SO much lighter!!! 10 inches must’ve been 10 pounds-my neck was no longer weighed down by a thick mess of hair…it felt incredible! I snapped a quick photo of the hair left behind…


              AND VOILA! New woman!!  


If you’re in the area and need ANY sort of hair service, please look Erin up! She is amazing. You’ll be so happy you did!! #hairbyErinC http://instagram.com/hairbyerinc

It took a few tries to really get the hang of styling this hair cut just right. It is cut in a way to look more effortless, messy, and imperfect which I love. No need to have every hair in just the right place. I’ve styled it using both a curling wand and curling with the flat iron and I definitely like the results with the flat iron best. It allows more control over curling the middle of the strands and leaving the ends more straight for a choppy, disheveled look. I begin my styling with a heat protectant. The one I found smells great! It is by Not Your Mothers. It’s called the Beat The Heat Protectant Spray ($7, Target). Next, I flat iron my hair strands and then curl the middle of the strand going both away from my face and towards my face alternately. The results are much nicer going in two different directions than it would just one because that can look a little more “put together” which is the opposite of what this style is all about. I try to ensure the ends of the strands are a little more straight than curled. That’s just how I prefer it. Next, I go through my hair with a texturing spray. I’ve used both Garnier Fructis Texture Tease Dry Touch Spray ($5, Rite Aid) and Redken #10 Wax Blast Finishing Spray Wax ($18, Ulta). Both have given me incredible texturing abilities but the Garnier definitely smells better and for a better price. I just spray it onto my roots in sections and then use my fingertips to scrunch and fluff the roots of the hair, leaving it with a lifted and almost teased look. This product is essential to the hairstyle! When I’m done texturizing, I like to go over my ends with an oil and I use Garnier Fructis Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment ($4, Target). It finishes the ends off nicely and smells awesome, too. The end result looks a little something like this… 

I have to admit I’m slightly obsessed with this haircut, not only because of how cute it is and how it’s one goal is to not be perfect, but because it’s also very lightweight and really easy to care for. I think it’s a flattering length and shape for nearly all face types and would very much recommend it. It isn’t as simple as throwing your hair up in a bun (trust me, that was my go-to) but even with the added effort and extra hour of sleep lost, I am so happy I made the choice to cut off all my hair. All the extra weight and drab was just the thing I needed to lose in my life.

❤️Happy Hair Days!❤️💁🏻

Please leave a comment in the box provided below giving some feedback about this hairstyle, any questions you might have about the cut, styling process, or products, AND a bit of love for Erin C., the mastermind behind the cut! xo

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